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Virtual Medical Appointments

The pandemic has shown that being apart from our loved ones doesn’t necessarily mean being out of touch.
There’s been a real surge in the number of us enjoying virtual visits through video technology like Zoom , FaceTime or WhatsApp.
But these technologies aren’t just useful for fulfilling our social needs - there’s a role to play in meeting our medical needs as well.
During the pandemic 70 per cent of all GP consultations were carried out remotely. Even as the lockdown eases it’s clear that virtual medical appointments are here to stay.
These can be especially useful for seniors as it means they can get medical attention without having to travel to a surgery or sit around in a waiting room.

Here's a guide.

The people at Which? have got more details here.

What they need
A laptop, tablet or mobile with a camera and microphone plus access to the internet. They may need to have their thermometer or home blood pressure kit to hand in case the doctor needs readings.
How the appointment is accessed
Most surgeries will email or text a link to click on.
How to prepare
They’ll need to find a quiet well lit space at home - where their device has good access to the internet. Make sure the volume on the device is turned up adequately and that the battery is properly charged.
Ask the Doctor
Virtual appointments aren’t suitable for everyone - especially those with hearing issues and complex conditions. Your GP can offer advice.
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