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This is Us

There’s this creeping irony stealing up on an increasing number of us.

Just as the balancing act of kids, career and social life starts to get easier, our ageing parents can start to falter. And before you know it, another juggling act has begun, throwing up puzzling new questions.

How do you approach your boss about time off to support mum or dad? Is there any help out there to make your life easier? How do you carve out time for yourself if you're caring fo your ageing loved ones and your children?

Balancing your parents, your kids and your life can throw up real challenges.

But it can also be a time for deepening connections and rediscovering old intimacies - a time to thrive rather than just survive.

Navigating the challenges and mining the joy may not always be easy but it is always worthwhile. It all starts with a conversation - and that conversation starts here. 

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