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Image by Marisa Howenstine
Me Time

Research confirms what many of us already know. If you're not careful, balancing the needs of kids, jobs and parents can mess with your head.

A quarter of people in the Sandwich Generation put the health of others ahead of their own. Around a similar number  suffer from stress, anxiety or other mental health issues according to the Office for National Statistics.

Steps to keep yourself in good shape.

Your health is vital.  If you go down, so does everyone else. Don’t let ailments drag on or they could drag everyone down. 


“Me” time - especially for exercise. A stressed and unfit carer is a less effective carer. 

Even if it’s kitchen dancing with loved ones.  This caring stuff, takes resilience. Build it. 


To say no - with love. Distinguish between must-do and nice-to-do. Overdoing it on the latter can hurt your ability  to do the former.


You’re human. You’ll get angry and frustrated. Feel it, take a breath - even walk away. Then let it go. You're doing this out of love. 

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