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Care Essentials

Tips on caring for seniors

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Going Home After a Hospital Stay
An extended hospital stay for a parent can be a worrying time - and  it's natural to want to get them out as soon as possible. But it’s vital to make sure they'll be safe once they get home.
Happy Grandparents
Making Home
Our parents’ house can be a precious place. The home we knew as a kid - or the place they downsized to in later life. So both you and your folks might be reluctant to change it in.....
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We need to be really vigilant about making sure our loved ones are kept hydrated. It’s important because poor fluid intake can lead to confusion, infection and falls.
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Getting the elderly to exercise works differently for different people. Seniors often lack confidence and believe “they can’t do it.” As a care giver, you can empower your relative and make them realise “they can do it......
Moving in with your mum
You grow up, meet a partner, have some kids.  Then the kids leave home and you downsize, take up a hobby or travel the world. That’s the way we’re told to expect our lives to unfold.
Are you supporting your parents and your kids? It’s the new reality for thousands of us. TV journalist Joanna Hall shares her experience.
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